It is common for Business Owners to become engrossed in the day to day activities of their business and not stop for a helicopter view of how they are going.

It also can be a lonely place with no one to bounce ideas off or strategise the best options.

The following Assessment Tool is designed to make you stop and focus on a variety of business conditions and rate yourself accordingly. We then provide a SCORE as to how you are placed.


Every business has its strengths and weaknesses and this should help you identify yours in a quick and simple way. Once you have completed the assessment and analysed your results it is then up to you whether you would like to meet with us for a FREE no obligation meeting where we can undertake a much more in depth analysis.

    General Management

  1. Are you disappointed with the results you are achieving
  2. Are you operating with no clear direction
  3. Do you struggle to come up with concise strategies
  4. Would it be beneficial to bounce ideas off someone
  5. Do ideas you implement not produce what you want
  6. Do you worry about not having a solid foundation to grow from
  7. You put off making difficult decisions

    Resource Management

  1. Too much time is wasted on fixing problems
  2. You end up doing the work of others
  3. Staff ignore your directions
  4. You find it hard to change staff behaviour
  5. You worry about losing key employees
  6. You find it hard to get staff to be productive as you would like
  7. You spend a lot of time putting out fires
  8. There is disagreement and discontent amongst staff

    Sales & Marketing

  1. Marketing efforts don't seem to work as well as you want
  2. You lose opportunities because you are not set up to handle them
  3. You are not sure which mediums work best for your business
  4. You are not sure which products generate the most profit
  5. You are concerned price increases will cost you sales
  6. Customers complain when you don't meet their expectations
  7. You find it hard to measure the results from marketing efforts
  8. It is hard to calculate the cost of individual products
  9. You are not sure who your most profitable customers are


  1. You owe more money than you think is ideal or you would like
  2. There is never enough cash in the bank when you need it
  3. Revenue is up and down and not growing steadily
  4. Costs continue to rise faster than you can increase prices
  5. The returns you make don't equate to the effor you put in
  6. You have difficulty in getting customer to pay on time
  7. A lot of stock is old and lying around


  1. Staff don't follow the processes laid down for them
  2. Your systems don't keep up with the changing environment
  3. Technology is an issue as suppliers all have different solutions
  4. We are always struggling to get things done on time
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